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Chapter 300: Zoning Ordinance of Worth Township

Zoning Map Adopted 11-15-2017

Chapter 250: Vehicles and Traffic Article I: Parking at Birch Beach Farms

Ordinance 18-5-8-1: Vegetation - Amended May 8, 2018

Chapter 286: Ordinance 18-10-17-1

Rezoning Application
Please provide copy of your deed and letter to board describing why and the specifications for your Rezoning Request. 

Special Land Use Application
Please provide copy of your deed.

John G. Yatros

Zoning OEO

Smoky fires: Many of our residents have complained of breathing problems associated with inconsiderate burning.  Please be aware of where your smoke is blowing and try not to harm your neighbors.  There is an ordinance in place to prevent this and if you are violating this ordinance, you may receive a fine.

Unlicensed Vehicles:  Junk vehicles in any area, the storage upon any property of junk automobiles, junk motor-driven vehicles or trailers, contractors equipment, boat hulls in disrepair and abandoned boats is not permitted.  This shall include any such article which is not licensed for use upon the highways of the State of Michigan and/or lakes and waterways, except motor vehicles used for the maintenance of property, for a period in excess of 30 days and shall also include, whether so licensed or not, any of the enumerated articles which are inoperative for any reason for a period in excess of 30 days. If not removed, you will be in violation of the ordinance.  You may receive a fine.

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